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Inventory Management Guide

As every apparel and sportswear merchant knows, orchestrating the multiple variables of a retail operation into an efficient symphony of sales is no small task. However, integrating inventory management into a retail management software system can scale pivotal functions to facilitate larger retail management efforts.

In this inventory management guide for apparel and sportswear retailers, we’ll share insights on how to achieve the following goals with strategic decisions and retail management technology: 


  • Maintain an optimum stock balance between stores with access to real-time inventory counts.

  • Improve client service utilizing a cloud-based customer management system to access customer preferences for greater insights.

  • Analyze current inventory trends and use buying patterns to increase sell-through and profitability.

  • Attract a loyal following with retail management software, special orders, and layaway services.


Download our inventory insights guide to learn how to use inventory technology to improve business efficiency and maximize profit margins. 

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Since 1992, Runit Systems has worked hand-in-hand with apparel, footwear, and sports retailers, first in New York City, and ultimately around the world, to develop and deliver the industry's fastest, most comprehensive and flexible POS & Inventory Management system. Through many evolutions and more than two decades of learning from our merchant users, we continue to deliver a fully integrated retail management and multi-channel system that is as comfortable with one hundred stores as with three, and with any combination of physical and virtual locations. What's more, Runit's RealTime Cloud POS gives you access to the latest advances in technology on a commitment-free, subscription basis, so you don't have to choose between managing your business and making your budget.